Directly operated restaurant of a meat shop

3 Signature Menu of Yakiniku Maruyu

Yakiniku Maruyu does not take pride only in its meat.
For all our guests to enjoy our choice meats at their best, we work up to the details.
Look at our "Sauce," "Soup," and "Side Menu."

4 Sauces soup side menu

Specialty Soup

Specialty Soup

72 hours to make!
Original soup with hearty flavor.

Carefully prepared black wagyu bones and membranes slowly cooked to pull out the rich taste of wagyu. No extra tastes added to enjoy the simple but rich soup.
This specialty soup is the base of all Maruyu menu.

Specialty Side Menu

Original Maruyu Salad

No.1 Menu for Ladies!
Original Maruyu Salad

What makes the meat shop's salad special?
Voluminous fresh salad topped with Sandaya ham.
Maruyu specialty with slowly smoked ham and original dressing!

Yamitsuki Shio Cabbage (Cabbage with Salty Sauce)

Yamitsuki Shio Cabbage
(Cabbage with Salty Sauce)

Can't help eating more!
As the name suggests, addictive cabbage.
I will not stop! It is! This is just a beer!

Bibimbap in Stone Bowl

Bibimbap in Stone Bowl

No.1 menu ordered after meat!
Uses delicious Sanda rice!
Enjoy the rich and hearty flavor!